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Specifications of one inverter
  1. 3.3~3.6V suplly voltage

  2. 0.6V inverter output low voltage

  3. 1.9V inverter output high voltage

  4. 1.5mA current consumption (On & Off)

  5. 8MHz dived by two counter speed at room temperature and no load

  6. 6MHz ripple-counter speed at room temperature

  7. Temperature range 5~70°C

There are three tricks used to speedup the inverter
  1. Inverter output high clamping (D4)

  2. Anti saturation diode (D3)

  3. Transistor reduce storage time capacitor (C1)

The BasInv board has three assembly variants
  1. 8x Inverters

  2. 4x SR-FF (Set-Reset Flip-Flop)

  3. 1x Inv + 1x FF + 1x Inv (usefull for making a register with input/output enables)

Figure 1. Schematic diagram B010 BasInv

NAND gates

An inverter can be turned into a NAND gate with help of input diodes.

Figure 2. NAND gates example

Aout = not(A0 and A1 and A2)
Bout = B0 nand B1
Eout = Aout nand Bout

Eout = not(A0 and A1 and A2) nand (B0 nand B1)

This can rewritten as:
Eout = (A0 and A1 and A2) or (B0 and B1)